The american dream


Generally refers to the desire to become prosperous through hard work, to overcome (dépasser) hardship (l’épreuve, les difficulties) and achieve (atteindre) success in life. InAmerica, one has got the chance to succeed in life, to improve (améliore) one’s position both financially and socially.
the self-made man : someone who rises from poverty through initiative and hardwork.
to start from scratch : partir de zéro
to fulfil one’s dreams : réaliser ses rêves
the « rags-to-riches » myth : idée de passer de la pauvreté à la richesse
rags : haillons
the harshreality of daily life : la dure réalité de la vie de tous les jours
Early in the twentieth century, a familiar saying was that « in America, the streets are paved with gold ». Today’s immigrants know thatthese same streets are often full of crime, drug and racial discrimination.
to tear to pieces : démonter de toutes pièces

the family : there is no typical American family, since America is such acomplex society, made up of people of many different national origins. Sociologists have claimed that in the second half of the 20th century, the American family has begun to break apart (se briser).The early Puritan ideal of a close family no longer exists for many Americans.
the family cell : la cellule familiale
to devote oneself to + N ou + Ving : consacrer son temps à
upbringing :éducation
the breadwinner : celui qui gagne le pain de la famille
to comply with : se soumettre à
to fail to do something :ne pas faire qch
popular : 1) populaire 2) apprécié, en vogue
to spoil achild : gâter un enfant
to scold : gronder
household tasks : travaux domestiques
subservient to : subordonné à
to accede to key posts : accéder aux postes clés
a career woman : une femme que préfère sonmétier au mariage

the work ethic : the belief that work is a kind of religious duty (devoir) and that efficiency (efficacité) carries its own moral justification.
by dint of work : à force de…

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