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The American Dream turning into the American Nightmare

The American dream which is a belief haunting every American mind states that every man or woman that works hard enough can have the chance to progress in their society, be promoted and enjoy good things in life . it is all about the pursuit of happiness . “ The American dream is the proposition that America is different “ ( Sardar etal. 2004, pg 7 ) .
Work hard , play by the rules, such are the rules according to Lynch ( 2008) to be promised with a better tomorrow .
The Dream is influenced by many factors such as the willingness to overcome a goal , the ambitions of a person , the desire to achieve great things and the barriers imposed to them .
The Nightmare originates mainly from all the following : society, culture , government , and the economy of the United States of America .

First of all the society plays an important role in the American life . I am going to focus mainly on the negative aspects of the of the American society since I am talking about a nightmare .
In every society on the planet we have society outcasts , lonely and depressed people but nowhere as much as America .Hayden (2002) explained that this is due mainly to the dependence on material things and to the willingness of achieving a goal or a post even if it means to forget their families and friends .
Another issue is racism and xenophobia, a dislike or fear of that which is unknown or different from oneself . the problem has been there since the creation of America where European conquerorsmassacred the native red Indians until today where black people are called white ghosts all this passing by slavery and human trade . According to Sardar et al. (2004) racist act was at the origin of the most blood flow in all american history . even after the courageous acts of Martin Luther King to stop the spread of racism of and blacks discrimination we still find traces of these atrocities . Sardaret al.(2004) confirm in their work that racism up to today continues to show its bad face across America especially when black neighborhoods are called different names such as ghettos and the chances of these young black Americans to shine are slim, that is what makes them so ferocious .
The last issue for social aspect is sexism . Up to today in a society as civilized as the United States westill find problems and unequal rights between genders . Hayden (2002) asserts that the ever existing sexism has always been a problem in the American society with for example wages of women cut down to three quarters men earnings ( in some cases ) for the same job and same qualifications ! Hayden ( 2002) also stated that American working women suffer the double day occupational segregation andunequal wage while on the other hand men do not enjoy much quality time with their families and are confronted to a lot of pressure for the responsibility of breadwinners . These conflicting social problems lead me to my next main point .

Second culture plays an important role in the show where Hollywood is a major actor . “Hollywood ! A dream factory “ (Lynch, 2004,pg.4) . “ Hollywood hasbeen in love with itself and all the elements of show business that were incorporated to its business of dream-making “ (Sardar et al.,2004,p121) . As it is known from Sardar and Davies’s work (2004), American’s greatest export by far is cinema , the seventh art, those celluloid tapes which gives the world the image of itself as it wants to be seen .
Ths image of the US has made it a veryattractive , therefore leading to metropolitan lifestyle since people flow from all corners of the world to try to live up the ‘dream’. Hayden (2002) stated correctly in her work that the US is a very metropolitan country where you can find all types of people with different backgrounds working and bonding together .
The incredible diversity of America is born from what is called a melting pot ….

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