Presentation of the CRÉDIT AGRICOLE

A – The entity Crédit Agricole

In France, 39 regional boxes offer a complete range of products and financial services to their customers.

The Crédit Agricole is a mutualist bank with about 6, 2 million members who indicate 32 600 administrators of the local Boxes. There are 2 544 local Boxes base of the Crédit Agricole, they hold the mainpart of the capital of the regional Boxes. Actors of the local life and tuned to its economic needs, the administrators of the local Boxes allow the Crédit Agricole to adapt its offer of products and services to the waits of his customers

The Crédit Agricole the Loire Haute-Loire is the 1st bank insurance of our region with her 138 agencies of nearness, 22 periodic selling points, 181  » GreenPoints « .

B – The agency of the Crédit Agricole the Loire Haute-Loire of Brives

The agency of Brives Corsac consists of private individuals either 3180, of professionals or 264 and of farmer or 40.

For the clientele of the private individuals, the most representative age bracket of the agency is situated between 26 and 54 years. And so their equipment raterepresents 78, 8 % of the services, the savings, the insurances and the credits.
The segmentation of the clientele decomposes in the following way, 1653 customers make party of the consumer said segment, 1333 customers integrate the customers says intermediary and 194 customers belong to the category of the customers says top of the range.

We can notice that the consumer said clienteleis the most representative of the agency of Brives Corsac.

C – The team of the agency of Brives Corsac

Description of the activity

A – Context

The regional box pursues its commitment with Saint Etienne’s sports association by marketing a bank card in the effigy of the Club, a few months having become one of the official partners. The card has just been officially thrown on theoccasion of the match which set on Saturday, March 20th the ASSE in Nancy.
Two big actors of the department of the Loire strengthened their partnership to create the bank card Crédit Agricole the Loire Haute-Loire / ASSE, inescapable for the amateurs and the passionate persons of football.
Numerous banks use the system of the co-bandaged cards at the national level.
The contract ofsponsoring enters the Crédit Agricole the Loire Haute-Loire and the ASSE is fixed for a duration of 3 years.

B – Objectives

The bank card ASSE is going to allow the regional box to reach qualitative but also quantitative objectives.

? Qualitative

The bank card ASSE allows the holders of credit note of the advantages in connection with the football and the others.This card is going to allow us to differ from the competition. Indeed, she is only marketed to the Crédit Agricole the Loire Haute-Loire.
She is going to allow us to post the mark of the Crédit Agricole the Loire Haute-Loire as an active actor of the region.
An emotional link will be strengthened between the carrier and the partners.
Of more the card is built around the logo ofthe club.

? Quantitative

The bank card ASSE is going to be a control lever of conquest for the prospects fascinated by football. She increases the park cards and furthermore she be going to promote Mastercardwin.

C – Actions and implemented means

1 – Presentation of the card


Four models of cards in the sale are proposed.

Two versions for mostthan 18 years: Mastercardwin ASSE and the Mastercard ASSE.
So for least than 18 years, the card Banking Self-service ASSE and the card ASSE club.

2 – The fundamental advantages and the privileges of the card.

For any subscription of a card, 2 places of match are offered. Furthermore, the holders of the card can benefit from 10 % of reduction in all the cafeterias  » Counter Casino « …

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